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Pressure Washing Cleaning Service


State of the Art is the name of the game! We believe that in order to achieve results we must invest into the best equipment available in the industry therefore, we have several types of pressure washer from low too high pressure, hot or cold units available at your service.

We can clean just about anything you need cleaning here are just some of the areas we can help you with:

• Exterior Building Cleaning

• Store Fronts

• Dumpster Pads

• Sidewalks

• Roof Cleaning

• Concrete Cleaning

• Gum Removal

• Parking Lots

• Drive Thru Lanes

• Awnings

Surface Cleaning:


Unfortunately due to our humid climate in Florida it doesn’t take long for the accumulation of organisms such as algae, mold and mildew to root into surfaces on the exterior walls and floors or our buildings.

Our cutting edge cleaning techniques allow us to clean just about any surface throughout the exterior areas of your property. The objective is to clean the algae, mold and mildew completely down to the bear root allowing your surfaces to stay clean at a much longer time period rather than just blasting away the top layer of the filth by just using ordinary big department box store pressure washers; while these units only leave spores that will quickly take root again and re-infest the surfaces quickly.

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