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Exhaust System Cleaning Service


We help prevent fires in your kitchen by employing the most efficient and thorough exhaust system cleaning procedures available. And, with servicemen who are on time and get the job done on schedule, you get a fully functioning, hazard-free system when you need it!

Our unique fire control program protects your hood system(s) from major fire flare-ups by keeping grease accumulation to a minimum. It’s an effective way to reduce the risk of fire. It may even help you with your insurance costs. That’s because our service is designed to help you comply with National Fire Protection Code 96 (NFPC96).

We’ll clean your hoods, through, plenum, duct(s), fan blades, fan bowl, roof top and filters. It’s reassuring to know that you have a respected, locally-owned and operated company working for you. You have our guarantee that your premises will be left neat and clean, just as we found it.

Documentation of regular cleaning could be invaluable during the next inspection by a fire marshal or health inspector. We will provide you with appropriate documentation pertaining to each service call. We will set you up on a regular cleaning schedule and call to remind you when your business is due for a cleaning.

Additional Services Provided:

Along with our Exhaust System Cleaning Service, you can take advantage of our:

• Surface Cleaning Service (for concrete floors and walls)
• Awning Cleaning Service.

Bare Metal vs. Cosmetic Cleaning:

Ten ways to guarantee bare metal results!

1. We protect all cooking equipment from water damage.

2. We clean systems from top to bottom, starting with the exhaust fan on the roof top.

3. We use a state-of-the-art pressure washer with up to 3,500 psi and 200 F.

4. We inspect fan bearings and belts.

5. We leave the roof area surrounding the exhaust fan clean.

6. We clean from the inside of the hood up the stack, utilizing a receptacle to capture grease, and pick up any run-offs with a wet vac.

7. We put all equipment back into place, and then polish the hood and equipment with cleaning fluids to give it that shiny look.

8. We are fully insured against any damage that is due to our error.

9. We guarantee to clean our way out of your establishment, leaving no mess behind for your personnel to clean up after our service.

10. We are a top quality cleaning service and should not be confused with cosmetic hand washing or inferior powder cover-ups. Top quality is always a little more in price, but as successful as your business is, you know that quality is worth the investment. Our total service is an investment in your day-to-day operations and profitability.


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